Thru simultaneous dialogue interpretation Simultanex S1 bridges language
barriers better than anyone.

The goal is that our solution will be established as the obvious choice
for interpreted dialogues.

Halved conversation time

Nearly halved conversation time thru simultaneous dialogue interpretation. Increased capacity to handle your workload. Halved conversation time saves costs

Interpretation on distance

Connection via video for simultaneous interpretation. Easier planning through increased access to more interpreters. Video Interpretation replaces an interpreter in place. Reduces travelling and saves the environment

More accurate translation

Simultaneous interpretation provides significantly more accurate interpretation vs. consecutive interpretation. The conversations are documented automatically in the system. Body language is used actively in the conversations

Interpretation on distance

Interpretation on distance

Interpretation at place (Swedish-Japanese)

Basic demo Simultanex S1


As a police officer and criminal investigator, I conducted many interviews with the help of an interpreter. I was never satisfied with the interpretation of the interviews that took long time, gave many misunderstandings and it was generally difficult to understand the other party. This is the background to our new technology Simultanex S1 that solves these problems.

Our new technology introduces a new concept – simultaneous dialogue interpretation – and enable improved communication, body language reinforces the speech, misunderstandings are reduced, time of the communication is reduced and thus also costs.

Thru our technology we can easily connect an interpreter via video and conduct a simultaneous dialogue interpretation regardless of where the parties are. Our vision is to open language barriers and offer a unique technique for simultaneous dialogue interpretation and become the obvious choice when you need to use language interpreter.

Simultaneous dialogue interpretation – communication without limits.

Pär Stihl, CEO Simultanex AB


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